Friday, March 28, 2014

It's supposed to be spring.

It doesn't really feel much like spring around these parts. We've still been having lots of -15C days, also known as 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Not too springy. Even the local businesses are getting antsy for warm weather. Our neighbourhood (walk-up service only) ice cream shop will be opening this weekend for the season, even though the forecasted high is only +4C (39F) with snow.

...What? You didn't stop by the blog for Winnipeg weather updates?

Oh, fine. Here are some photos:

We celebrated 4 years in our current condo with a late night instrumental medley.
This is pretty much what I feel like at any given moment.

Getting ready for the WEST Handmade & Vintage Sale V.

Our newest cactus (Irving) takes up residence next to the air plant.
It's all hands on deck here at Third Sister as we prepare for our first in-person sale at the upcoming Winnipeg Etsy Street Team (WEST) Handmade and Vintage Sale V at the end of April. For more information about the sale see the event on facebook here as well as through for more vendor information here.

Make sure to check out the WEST blog for more great posts from the talented makers and curators in Winnipeg & Manitoba.

That's all for now! I'm off to wear overly optimistic outfits and dream about having an ice cream outside without contracting hypothermia.


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