Sunday, October 22, 2017

Winter and Markets and a Free Pattern, oh my!

Today the outdoor hammock finally went into winter storage. It is officially cold-weather season. I know not all of you know the terror bliss of four true seasons but here, in Winnipeg, winter is the real deal. I'm bracing myself for 5-7 months of digging myself out of snow drifts, trudging through blizzards to the bus stop, and scraping layers of ice off windshields. But also? ALSO GUYS? Wool. And knitwear. 'Tis the season for cozy wool knitwear! Like dis:

These proto-socks are in the works. They're based on my traditional mitten pattern (see photo below) and I'm thinking I'll mostly make these for custom orders. Interested? There lots of colour options available, send me an e-mail or message me on IG, FB, or Twitter.
The first of many of these stripey wool beanies (toques, let's be serious). Colour options are nearly endless.

And speaking of colour: I mashed them all together for this jumbo neckwarmer/scarf. It's got two large buttons on the ends that make it super versatile. Come see me at a local market (market details located below) and I'll show you what I mean.

A sneaky peaky view of a custom order I'm wrapping up for a friend. Matchy sweaters! Wooden buttons! For babies! So tremendously cute and cozy.

My always popular traditional Nordic mitts were being snapped up even in the middle of summer. I'll have an array of colour combinations in stock for this winter's markets.
And now for the non wearables:

With my venture into macrame this summer came the impulse to blend weaving and macrame together. This hybrid woven/macrame piece was time consuming but really fun. I might make these purely for custom orders so if you have some ideas for a wall-hanging piece hit me up and let's work!

Two views of my tiniest sloths ever. These guys have the same wire skeleton as the larger sculptures so they can hang on to just about anything (small). They're so adorable I can't stop cooing over them. Lots of these dudes will be accompanying me this winter. Everywhere. All the time. Aww.

SO! Down to business: Third Sister is maniacally prepping for at least two markets this Fall/Winter with the first coming up so fast.

The Half Moon Market Holiday Show is the first of these being held Saturday, November 25 in the heart of Winnipeg. Taking place at the King's Head Pub (yup, there will be a bartender on staff to keep you well-watered) there will be more than 25 local artisans making super unique and creative things for you to take home, hug close to your chest, and treasure forever. See more details at the event's page here: Half Moon Market Holiday Show

South Osborne Holiday Market. Organized and hosted by the intrepid folks at Farm Fresh Food Hub,  this market is being held Saturday, December 9 and will boast more than 30 food and craft vendors. I sold at this market bi-weekly through the summer and can't say enough good things about not only the organizers but the quality of people and goods that gravitate toward this group. See their event page for more details: South Osborne Holiday Market

And lastly (shhh, this one's a secret) I'm working on publishing my first pattern on Ravelry. So, at the moment the fingerless mitten pattern, Little Sister Mitts, is up on for free! If you're interesting in helping out to test the pattern (or if you just like free things) go grab it and try it out. I'd be very grateful for any comments you may have.

Until the holiday rush overwhelms me and eats me whole, custom orders are open. Drop me a line with your orders/ideas. Local pick up is available for Winnipeggers/Manitobans and I ship worldwide for everyone else.

Knit fast and keep warm!


Monday, July 31, 2017


Hoo boy, it's been literally years since I last updated the site but here we are. Staring shamefacedly into the abyss. Let me tell you -- nay, show you what I've been up to:

As usual, these hand felted sloths follow me around to nearly every market. Hot tip: you can custom order your own piece and have it ready for pick up at any market! These dudes are up for grabs at $30 ea.

Stacks of cozy knits for winter markets. Hot tip: many of my surplus winter knits are on deeeep discount during the hot summer months. Stock up on cowls and mittens because before you know it? Winter.

These traditional style Scandinavian mittens are a staple of my winter markets. If you drop me a line I'll knit up a pair for you in pretty much any colour combination under the sun.

Classic slouchy knit tuque. Lots of colour options!

Snug cowls for those deep cold days. This teal colour was a favourite of mine last winter.

A giant cowl that got scooped up real quick last winter. I'm hoping to get my hands on more of this yarn but I haven't seen it around my local shops lately.

More super cozy cowls. Its hard to think about wearing woolen layers right now (it's about 400 degrees outside, I swear) but here I am... knitting woolen things like a big jerk.

Just looking at these tiny woolen baby booties makes my ovaries explode. SO cute. So many colour options for the non-walking, shoe-wearing infant in your life. I have so many plans to put grippy soles on larger sized ones for the adventurous but chilly-footed toddler.

A very colourful stack of mittens. These colours and many more are available for custom orders/

A new design from late last winter. It may make a comeback this coming fall in both adult and child-sized versions. Because, really, it has earflaps and a pointy top. 

Because I needed to add more fibre craft to my arsenal this spring I started making macrame hangers! These were two early creations.

Another newbie for 2017 is this design for fingerless mittens. The pattern will be available for testing shortly and then will be added to Ravelry!

Little knitted bowls. Put a plant in it!

Yes, more macrame. Custom designs available.

Another macrame hanger. I couldn't resist the neon pink when I came across it.

For those in Winnipeg who need their macrame itch to be scratched, you can find me bi-weekly at the South Osborne Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings!

I did it, friends! I posted a thing. Drop me a line if you see something that interests you. I try to have a sampling of things (knits, felts, macrame, weavings) at each market but I'm always excited to receive custom orders. Drop me a line at or contact me on social media @thirdsistershop (FB, IG, Twitter)